Hello, my name is Jessica and I was your typical ‘Swan’, juggling being a mother and a career women, while trying to maintain family and friend relationships, keeping fit and turning up looking half decent. While inside I was in turmoil, not even truly aware that my mind and body were in a constant state of stress and on high alert. While I was keeping my life going, and it was pretty good on the whole, I found myself comfort eating, gaining weight, taking time off work every few weeks (as I slipped in to overwhelm), cancelling engagements and finding ways that would help me sleep. It wasn’t until this all came crashing down on me in 2002 that I was first introduced to personal development.

At the time it was a quick fix. It wasn’t until 2012, through my work with a Royal Marines charity that I learned about NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming and became aware of its therapeutic affects. I witnessed for myself how it was transforming the lives of veterans who were experiencing post traumatic stress.

Fast forward to today and I have had the privilege of training with amongst the best NLP and Hypnosis trainers in the world and helping over 1000 clients to change their thinking and change their lives.

The processes and principles I use are a creative way to transform your current patterns of thinking and behaving into new ways of being that are more beneficial to your personal and professional life.

They are as effective if you are 5 or 105.

It is not magic but the experience can be magical.

Dr Joe Dispenza says:

“95% of who we are, by the time we are 35 years old, is a memorised set of behaviours, emotional reactions, unconscious habits, hard wired attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that function like a computer program. So a person can say with 5% of their conscious mind ‘I want to be healthy, I want to be happy, I want to be free,’ but the body is in a whole other program.”

I very much take a heart-centered approach to my work and as such each session will be as unique as you are.  

My work is as unique as each person I am working with: we park labels and discover new ways and new opportunities for individuals or individuals within a group/organisation to shift their emotions, their way of thinking and ultimately their experience of life. While I have created programmes, based on knowledge from my mentors and trainers – there is no one package fits all in the way we will work together.

You may well be surprised at how easily change can happen with new perspectives and using highly effective hypnotherapy and positive psychology techniques.  

So, if you are curious call me today – talking will help to put you at ease and give you a clearer understanding of how I will help you.  

Where you can find me

You can meet me at Life Dental and Wellbeing in the heart of Exeter, in my home town Exmouth for a wonderfully relaxing Hypno Spa Experience at South Beach Spa and I also offer effective coaching to people all over the world thanks to the power of Zoom and other online platforms.

Contact me:

Jessica Crowley Coaching

Life Dental and Wellbeing

31 Queen Street



Tel: 07590821199 or 01392 278843

Email: info@jessica-crowley.com

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