Are you feeling swan like?

Are you a high achiever who doesn’t admit out loud that you are stressed?  You probably don’t admit it because it has become so normal for you to feel like this. I know because I have been there.  I also know how letting go of anxiety and perfectionism has helped me power up my life and my business. 

I’m guessing…your life is busy (understatement of the year probably). To the outside world you look calm and graceful on the outside while underneath you’re flapping furiously – you know the swan analogy! You are juggling so many responsibilities and feel you are not actually doing very well in anything … – work and career commitments, business ownership, raising children, your relationships with partner, family and friends insert the blanks.  Following your passion? Following your purpose? (ha – yeah right – no chance of that at all!). You are aware that mindfulness, meditation and other new age solutions are available  and sound great in principle but frankly you just don’t have the time.

You also could now believe that stress is what actually keeps you going – the adrenalin that you thrive on and you’re possibly thinking you couldn’t cope without it.  – However,  the side effects include not sleeping well, not thinking clearly, you are  snappy at home and at work, taking time off work, drinking one too many glasses of wine or beer and  indulging in other vices like smoking, and shopping just to keep you going and feeling alive.

The one thing that is holding you back from success? – stress.

My approach to stress

Stress is a habit. A pattern of behaviour you are doing. And if it’s working for you that’s not a problem. If you would like to change it…Read more

Work with Jess – rewire for success

Your experience of our work together will vary from moments of insight to mind blowing revelations, opening new perspectives about the way you are thinking, therefore being and behaving…and there is no right or wrong way. It’s about how we will create change that is right for you. Read more

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