You are ready to ditch stress and power up for success 

I understand that life is busy for you (understatement of the year probably). 

You’re a high achiever who doesn’t admit out loud that you’re stressed because it’s become the norm.  You maybe wouldn’t even recognise yourself as someone who is coping with (what the medical profession call) low functioning anxiety. 

To the outside world you look calm and graceful on the surface while inside you’re flapping furiously (insert swan analogy here).  

You’re juggling so many responsibilities, and feel you are just about coping in most aspects of your life. Work commitments.  Holding down a career.  Running a business.  Being a parent.  Relationships.  Caring for elderly parents.  Social responsibility.  Keeping fit.  Eating Vegan.  Travelling to the next IT destination.  Keeping up with the Joneses! AND, somewhere within all of that, taking time for you.  

Mindfulness, meditation and other new age techniques sound great in principle but frankly you just don’t have the time.  Self-care becomes another pressure and area to master! 
Perhaps you believe that stress is your edge and you couldn’t cope without it.  If you want something done – ask a busy person!  And yet. You can’t sleep well. Think clearly. You’re snappy at home. Taking time off work. Drinking one too many glasses of wine. Indulging in other vices like smoking, gambling and shopping. All sticking plasters masking your true feelings.

And the one thing holding you back from success is stress. 

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