Put your oxygen mask on

When I travelled to Gran Canaria last year, I remember watching the air cabin crew going through their safety checks and recalling a metaphor that is commonly used in our field, so I’m not sure who I can credit it to – but I use it a lot.

It’s the part when they say, “if you are travelling with a dependent, please put your oxygen mask on first”.

While working with clients, especially parents who are also working full-time and finding ways to cope with their 24/7, this metaphor often comes up. We start by considering what they value most/what is important to them, and we generally start the list with…”my children”, “my family” and right at the bottom of their list are things like “my health” “my fitness”.

It is then that I offer this suggestion – by putting themselves at the top, just before their number 1  – making themselves number 1 – by focusing on what fills them with love, joy and happiness and shining a spotlight of what lights up good thoughts and good emotions for them, whether that be running or laughing with their friends, anything that fills their body with dopamine and those good chemicals we make naturally – then they are improving their mind and physical fitness and putting themselves in a stronger position to ‘show up’ for their number ones.

Makes sense? 

So, my message is this, it’s OK to make you No.1, to “put your oxygen mask on first” because when you do you will be stronger in mind and in body, you will shine brighter and everyone around you will notice, will benefit and will feel your positive energy too.

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Take that time and invest in you today.

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Hi, my name is Jess Crowley and I am a practicing NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist based in Devon, UK. This article is my opinion based on 4 years of training in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. I am committed to continued professional development and open to new learning in this field.

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