How to reduce anxiety naturally


The number of people taking anti-depressants in the UK has doubled during the past decade, with 61m anti-depressants dispensed in 2015.

The HSE reports that 11.7 million working days are lost in GB each year due to work related stress, at a conservatively estimated cost of £5.2 billion.


Mental health charity Mind says it is vital to look at whether patients are receiving other treatment alongside medication.

Are you or someone you know suffering from anxiety? Are you experiencing challenges in your life that are causing you stress?

If your answer YES to the above questions, ask yourself one more…

Will you/they benefit from being more relaxed and in control of your/their emotions?

Our relationships improve dramatically when we are relaxed, we increase our clarity of thought, improve our decision making, performance and overall wellbeing.

Anxiety and stress are thought created emotions, therefore you can control your experience by changing your thoughts, perspective and what you are focusing on.


Hypnosis and change work techniques will teach you how to create new patterns of thinking, that will in turn have a positive effect on your emotions and behaviours naturally.

I am a Change Worker and Hypnotherapist using a range of modalities including Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Kinetic Shift Technique.

I can help you:

  • let go of anxiety and be in control of your own experience
  • find the clarity you need for new opportunities or problem solving
  • release negative emotions
  • manage pain associated with surgery, illness and terminal illness
  • learn self hypnosis and mindfulness techniques that will help relaxation, focus and concentration
  • maintain a healthier lifestyle by letting go of habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol
  • make the most of your 24/7 for the benefit of you, your loved ones and your colleagues.

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