Why you shouldn’t give up smoking?

Stoptober is coming and all you smokers are going to be leaned on by the media, loved ones, friends as they tell you you have to give up.

Mark Twain famously said, “It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

My advice is ,if you aren’t ready don’t even try, because when you TRY you have already failed – as trying presupposes failure.

In my experience with clients who have stopped smoking, after 1 coaching and Hypnosis session, is that it’s about what you do want instead…
– to live longer
– to have younger looking skin
– to walk your daughter down the aisle
– to be a fit grandad and play football
– to save for that dream holiday

As a Master NLP coach and Hypnotherapist I will never tell you what to do but I will help you discover what you really DO want and help you let go of what is contributing to your failure.

The main reason people fail in changing a habit is because they perceive they are giving something up.

My coaching is about everything you will gain and a new understanding that you have the choice to smoke or live longer, that you are in control and when you are this will have positive ripple effects on the rest of your life.

So you shouldn’t give up, because starting new healthier habits has a much higher success rate.

8/10 of my clients have never looked back.

On a scale of 1-10, how powerful is your desire to stop smoking?
If you are between 8-10 you are ready for us to talk more.

The first session you will throw away all smoking paraphernalia – even that tin or lighter you have been attached to and you will have your last smoke at least 3 hours before you come to our session. If you are on 8 we will get you to 10 using Jedi questions and gut wrenching Aversion Technique.

The second session, 3 days to a week later, is about creating new neutral pathways. Through hypnosis you will create new patterns of behaviour that are healthier for you.

We will leave the third session in the bank should you need it later.

If you are ready to invest in your Wellbeing call me on 07590821199 or email