Fail to succeed

Here is an interesting observation of human behaviour – we learn more when things are going badly than when they are going well.

Failure is the gateway to success

When you were learning to walk you didn’t say, I won’t bother with that, I’ll just crawl around on the floor for the rest of my life. No, you got up and tried again…and again…and again.

We learn to walk by failing to walk.

I learned to write this by failing lots of drafts…

We learn to sell by failing to sell.  

Sales call reluctance or even phone fear often manifests from a fear of failure to convert that call into a sale or a fear of being rejected, that thought leads to that negative feeling followed by strategies to avoid making that call altogether.

What you can do

Seek out MORE opportunities to have those conversations that will give you the chance to FAIL and each time you fail you will learn and grow and create more sales.

“The no’s you get today will be the yes’ of tomorrow.” Steve Chandler

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