Hello, my name is Jessica and I am pleased to virtually meet you. Here’s a little bit about me, my life and my passions.

Being creative and transformation are what I find most rewarding, other than being a mother…loving the sun, travel, food, family, friends, Devon and my home country of Malta of course!

I consider myself an Agent of Change, passionate about the co-creative process of helping people transform their life. Tapping in to wonderfully powerful programs in our unconscious mind and turning that energy towards the life we do want instead. ‘We’ because it’s as true for me as it is for you.

To take anxiety and worry as an example, I approach these as habits – which sounds weird at first but, you can trust me on this, the results are usually quick and often magical.

Change your story

As a graduate of Creative Writing and English Literature, I am fascinated by stories: those that hurt and those that heal, those unconscious stories we are unaware of and the new consciously created stories that will take us into a future that is even better than we ever thought possible.

Have I lost you? Then ask yourself –  which story is better for a rugby player a) the story that he/she always drops the ball or b) the story that he/she will catch the ball?

No ‘one package fits all’

My work is as unique as each person I am working with: we park labels and discover new ways and new opportunities for individuals or individuals within a group/organisation to shift their emotions, their way of thinking and ultimately their experience of life. While I have created programmes, based on knowledge from my mentors and trainers – there is no one package fits all in the way we will work together.

Founder of Exeter NLP and Hypnotherapy Practice Group

I also run a Practice Group in Exeter for NLP Practitioners, Hypnotherapists and Coaches. A friendly space for colleagues to share best practice, remember what they had forgotten in coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy training and feel supported.

I have worked with amongst the best trainers in the world and I, along with members, want to share and keep growing in our field. I have an ethos that, rather than seeing ourselves as competition, that we are stronger together as we bang the drum for mind fitness and natural alternatives to our well being.

Agents of Change – Coaching, NLP & Hypnosis Practice Group

Exeter, GB
45 Members

This group is for you if you are an Agent of Change, interested in and passionate about NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, coaching and other disciplines.We meet o…

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