Easy sleep and self esteem boost for children

“Hi Jess, things are so much better with C going to sleep at night.

Before we started the script, even getting her to lie down & accept it was time to go to sleep was a struggle …. she would sit upright in bed, arms folded and get out of bed as soon as I left the room etc.

Now, she’s comfortable enough to have half hour on her own in her room before bedtime, reading books or going on her tablet, then when it’s time for ‘sleepy talk’ she just snuggles down & gets comfy, & often is asleep before I’ve finished. Usually by 8pm or 8:30 latest too.

She still wakes up early hours of the morning but doesn’t mention being frightened anymore I’m just so happy with the progress so far.

So big thanks to you and happy to help promote it to others as it’s been such a benefit to me x”

Sam Roberts and her daughter who is 7, 16th March 2018

Do you and your child need a good night’s sleep?
Is your child not sleeping well, anxious, angry – low in self esteem perhaps?
Do you have 5-10mins to spare each night at bedtime?

If you are nodding and saying yes then this is for you…a bedtime story for parents using hypnotic language to encourage sleep and boost self esteem.

My Easy Sleep and Self Esteem script is being read by parents to their child or children every night before bedtime and the feedback is that their child is sleeping in their own bed for the first time, sleeping through the night, nightmares have stopped and confidence in social situations is growing.


This script has been designed using a combination of training I have undertaken in transformative mindfitness coaching and hypnosis.

It has been designed for parents to read to their child nightly for 30 nights and then sit back and notice the difference in your child, as Sam and others have done.

Only £10 – please pay by Paypal then email your confirmation. I will email the script to your inbox within 24 hours.


Personalised Scripts

I am available for one-to-one sessions, for a personalised experience tailored to the uniqueness of your child and their needs. We would meet between 1 to 3 times (30 minute sessions) where I will listen to your child and the experience they are creating around sleeping habits, share with them fun techniques for relaxation and create a personalised bedtime script for parents to read to them.

If you would like a FREE phone consultation to discuss what you and your child would like to change today please email unruffleme@hypno4swans.com or call Jess on 07590821199. 

NB – Sam purchased my script in January, she then visited me with her daughter who would wake in the night and be afraid. We spent 20 minutes together when I invited her to think about herself as a Director of her Dreams and how just like a Director she can change the story, so that when something seems scary she can change those, characters, colours and scenery to make it a happy story. 

For a copy of my current script and to register your interest for my new Script “Director of your dreams” please email jess@hypno4swans.com. The first 10 to register will get 50% off.

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