Employee Assistance for SME’s in Exeter and Malta

Would your business benefit from reduced absenteeism and increased productivity?

Could your staff benefit from help for anxiety and stress?

Any business leader knows the impact of staff absenteeism to their business whatever the size. The cost can be so much more than financial, effecting team moral and productivity and potential loss of an employee who had once shown so much potential.

Anxiety and stress can make such a huge impact on a person’s personal and professional life but the good news is that 121 or group coaching can help change happen quicker than you could have thought, and not as soon as you would have liked.

I have worked with small businesses, NHS staff and in schools delivering workshops that teach techniques that increase productivity and reduce tension and stress.

I very much take a heart-centered approach to my business and as such each workshop or coaching program will be as unique as your needs.

You may well be surprised at how easily dynamics, conflicts and tension can be shifted using emotional intelligence coaching, mindfulness and positive psychology techniques.

Please contact me today to have an informal chat about my coaching services. This may help you understand my approach towards a co-creative and solution focused approach to change. 

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