‘[I]have the most wonderful job in the world. [I] find people in various stages of sleep. And then [I] get to tap them on the shoulder and be with them as they wake up to the full magnificence of life.’

-Sid Banks

My fascination with change work and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) started in 2011 when I witnessed a transformation in somebody who had been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.
Since 2014, I have trained with leading Agents of Change, NLP Practitioners and Hypnotists.
I launched my practice in June 2015 and since they I have spent 1000s hours learning about change work and personal development and helping clients to redesign their lives.
I have developed a Natural Weight Loss and Stress management course, have delivered workshops to many groups and have been the finalist for two awards: Best Sole Trader/Micro Business 2018, 373 Awards and Healthcare Provider of the Year Finalist 2017 at the Exmouth Chamber of Commerce business awards.
Success is only measured in those positive outcomes that my clients are enjoying and it is a privilege to be part of their journey of self actualization, discovering their true selves and the life they want to live – free from unhelpful thoughts, believes and habits that have held them back in the past.
My mission:
To bring impactful, life changing conversations to people. To open minds to new possibilities and he conscious creation of the life you want to live.
Why work with me?
I will tell you that you have all the resources and the answers that you need to make the changes you want to make, so why bother working with me?
Because you are reading this and haven’t made those changes – yet.
We will work together as you break free from what has been holding you back. I will be there to act as a mirror where you will discover in the reflection your own words, your own limiting beliefs and your own potential.
We will continue the journey of transformation together as you awaken to what has been holding you back and travel with confidence towards how you want to be in the life you have designed through conscious awarness.

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I have trained with the best in the world and have even more planned to ensure I become one of the best in the change work field…
Dr Richard Bandler
I am as committed as you are to help you be your best self



Rewire your brain, Redesign your life

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Jessica Crowley BA Hons 
Transformative Coach
Licensed Master NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist 
CNHC & GHR Registered Practitioner
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