Qualifications and Training

Dr Richard BandlerYou will see from my list of qualifications and training that change work is a passion and a lifestyle choice. People are wonderful and the human brain is fascinating, so much so that there is always more to learn.

My husband and I train, read and listen to audio books extensively – I have even taken to listening to books or watching You Tube while at the gym – making even use of my 24/7 for learning.

Here is a taste of the training I have undertaken:

Certification Courses

  • Licensed Master NLP Practitioner, The Society of NLP, May 2018

Dr. Richard Bandler, Co-founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Kinetic Shift Practitioner and Rapid Inductions Masterclass – February 2016

UK Hypnosis Academy, Karl Smith  

  • NLP Advanced Practitioner, International NLP Trainers Association, June 2015           
  • Certificate of Hypnotherapy – American Board of Hypnotherapy, June 2015

Devon  School of NLP, Nick Evans, Master Trainer of NLP and ABH Hypnotherapy

  • Licensed NLP Practitioner, The Society of NLP, June 2014               

Steve Crabb & Tina Tayor, NLP Master Trainer of NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapists, Aventesi

Mentorship – January to September 2018

I am 1 of 8 mentees on The Power of Eight programme run by internationally renowned change worker and hypnotist James Tripp. This programme was by invitation only and it aimed at helping up and coming practitioners to leverage their business.

Master Classes/ CPD

Coaching the Unconscious Mind, Melissa Tiers, Edinburgh – July 2018

Hypno Oncology, Garry Coles, London – February 2018

IBS4IBS Hypnotherapy Course (Online), Helen Bremner – December 2017

Hypnosis Convention (2 days), London – November 2017

Clean Language for Hypnotherapists, James Tripp and Judy Rees, London – January 2017

Hypnosis Convention (2 days), London – November 2016

Rest in Natural Great Peace. Hypnotic Meditation, Steve Crabb, London – April 2016

Rapid Inductions, Joanna Cameron, Wessex School of Hypnotherapy, November 2015


Melissa Tiers
Coaching the Unconscious Mind Masterclass with Melissa Tiers