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NLP, Hypnotherapy and Positive Psychology coaching with Jessica Crowley in Exeter, Exmouth and East Devon.

“Change your thoughts and you will change for life.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

Neuro-Lingustic Programming (NLP) is a methodology that is centered around change; by changing our thoughts we change our mindset which in turn changes our behavioural patterns. Essentially NLP can help us to consciously re-map or upgrade our thinking so that we are able to recognise a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. NLP supports us in striving towards our best life; a life where we feel in control of our choices and are confident about living more freely, healthily and boldly.   

Hypnosis also supports our mental software by allowing us to delve deeper into the stories and beliefs that we tell ourselves. Once we challenge and adapt these narratives we can develop them for more positive means. Often we are using up so much ‘mental data’ worrying about the things that we can’t do or that we may fail at that we lose sight of our incredible present potential. Hypnosis can help you to free up vital headspace so you can focus on all the tools you have available to you to build your best life yet.    I work with clients confidentiality in a 121 setting. Each session is always unique as well as being client-led. You choose the topics that you would like to work on and I will support you with powerful strategies and techniques which can coach you through your goals.   

I very much take a heart-centered approach to my work and as such each session will be as unique as you are.  

You may well be surprised at how easily change can happen with new perspectives and using highly effective hypnotherapy and positive psychology techniques.  

Contact me today to have an informal chat about my therapy services. This may help to put you at ease and give you a clearer understanding of how I can support you.  

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