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Rewire your brain

“I recently had 2 sessions with Jess. I was feeling very happy with my life, felt like I had lots going on but I was coping with it well. Through talking with Jess I realised how I was organising these plans in my head was adding extra stress to the things I wanted to achieve. I was also close to my driving test so I decided this was an important focus for the sessions as it would help me to achieve the rest of my goals.
We used hypnotism to allow me to utilise the skills I had without letting my nerves and stress take over.
The sessions also helped me to really focus on my dream job and guess what!!! I have that too.
I have to thank Jess for this and also myself because Jess has helped me to utilise the tools I already possessed in myself but allowed to become hidden underneath worry and stress. I have learnt so much and would recommend Jess to anyone! All the best, Rosie”

Rosie, October 2017

Redesign your life
Using neuroscience and advanced psychology coaching techniques, Jess will help you create new ways of thinking, feeling and being in order to design a life of your choosing.

Hypnotherapy and Life coaching in Exeter and Exmouth

These sessions, in the form of 60 minute 1:1 coaching or success workshops, are a special time for you to allow yourself the time and space, out of your day-to-day life, to consciously create the life you want. You will enjoy the benefits long after our session or workshop has finished – change is for life and can (and often does) happen quickly and easily.

I have no tailored program I can send to you as our time together will be as unique to you and what you need at the time to enable the transformation process. I do have a Transformation Toolkit available for you when you email jess@hypno4swans.com

We will dive in and uncover deeply held stories you are telling yourself, those beliefs, values, patterns of thinking that may or may not be useful – sometimes they will make you laugh and sometimes they will make you cry but you will always feel empowered.

Empowered to know that the ability to make change happen is within your control and that you always have a choice. I hope you are excited as I am about this as I am sitting here writing this now.

Now might be the right time for you to make that change happen.

To let go and be your best self – we will work together to identify what is working well for you, what you can let go off and what you do want to create instead.

Some mind gymnastics (as I like to call it) will be done playing with ‘eyes wide open’ techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy. Other times I invite you to close your eyes as we ‘put to sleep’ the ‘yes but…?’ part of your mind. Here we explore the creative resources of your mind as we coach your unconscious mind through magic words and therapeutic metaphor to accept the changes that you are going to make.

Our sessions together will be as unique as you are.

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