How you can work with me

The Power of One
Single online or face to face sessions – £125
January offer £99(saving £26)
A 60-minute online or face to face session and Progressive Relaxation MP3.

Imagine a time for you to step off the wheel of life. A space for you to deep dive into a place of bliss where nobody is wanting, needing or expecting anything from you – respite from your current reality.

Using positive psychology tools and hypnotherapy you will not only enjoy this experience but rediscover how to tap in to the resourceful state of relaxation anytime you like. The benefits will remain with you way beyond this one session together.

This session is like a gym induction – I show you how to use the equipment and we create new programmes in your unconscious mind ensuring that the change is easier and natural. Stress will just bounce off and away now.

Each session is lead by your needs as you are guided towards solutions that addressing any issues relevant to your life in this moment. You will be surprised to notice how quickly these can change by shifting your thoughts and emotions.

You may be feeling: 

  • stressed out/ burnt out
  • anxious or depressed
  • have unhealthy habits as a reaction to stress, such as emotional eating, smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling
  • are having conflicts in their relationships with colleagues, partners or their children
  • going through major life changes, like divorce or redundancy
  • or have generally lost your mojo?
The results you can expect are: improved sleep, reduced physiological symptoms (ie, skin conditions, palpitations), more confidence, improved relationships, clarity of thinking, a greater feeling of personal security, less conflict at home and at work, improved sleep, healthier choices with your diet, exercise and vices. The benefits to your mind and body, at a cellular level, will remain with you way beyond this Power of One session.

The benefits

  • learn how to relax
  • stop panic and palpitations
  • reduce physiological symptoms like eczema, rashes, high blood pressure, IBS
  • manage your communication and reactions, leading to better relationships
  • have a deeper understanding of your self
  • more clarity of thinking, therefore better decision making
  • a greater feeling of personal safety and security
  • feel lighter, with more energy and motivation
Clients have used this one session to reconnect, reprogramme particular habits or simply reboot. To explore further personal development work read more here
My partner immediately saw a change in me and my self confidence.

I feel able to manage daily stresses and decision making.

– Holly, July 2019

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Transformational change course
3 online or face to face coaching sessions – £299
January offer £250 (saving £49)

This course consists of 3, 60-minute face to face coaching sessions. Clients receive a Ditch Stress and Power UP toolkit, will be taught self hypnosis (as a form of mindful meditation) and receive a Progressive Relaxation MP3, reinforcing the positive suggestions during our session.

Using a combination of techniques including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Kinetic Shift, Timeline therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, CBT and mindfulness you are invited to take stock of where you are now and who and how you want to show up.

Each transformational journey leads the you from the past, to the present and into your future using tools that shift the mind and associated cognitively embodied experiences and emotions.

We identify limiting beliefs, blocks and negative emotions that lead to illuminating perspectives and paradigm shifts; having brought these new understandings to conscious awareness we work with the part that runs those unhelpful programs of behaviour and gain agreement with that part to focus on new heathier habits instead; testing those responses, in our final session you embody your best self as you step confidently towards your future.

The overall result is a closer connection with your inner self, armed with tools and resources that will help you maintain healthier habits of thinking, feeling and being. It starts with how you are being, so we can show up as our best and do, in order to have the life you consciously desire (as opposed to operating thoughts and habits that are outside of your conscious awareness).

Our work is as individual as you are and what you would like to change today. The course allows for flexibility and continued support when required.

This course of 3 weekly sessions, includes The Ditch Stress and Power UP kit, an introduction to self hypnosis (as a form of mindful meditation) and Progressive Relaxation MP3.
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For a free 20 minute consultation or to book
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