Stop smoking

If you have been struggling to stop smoking, and still haven’t found a way to break the habit, then my 3 step program may help you as it helped Keith and many others stop from the very first session.
“I smoked for nearly 50 years and was desperate to stop. I made an appointment with Jessica, received hypnotherapy, and haven’t smoked since. I don’t have the slightest desire to smoke,  I wish I had done it years ago.” Keith, March 2017
I very much take a heart-centered approach to my work and as such each session will be as unique as you are. We will use a combination of techniques that seem the most effective for your needs and that may be ‘eyes closed’ or ‘eyes open’.
95% of my clients are enjoying being non-smokers
Contact me today to have an informal chat about my coaching and therapy services. This may help to put you at ease and give you a clearer understanding of how I can support you.  
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