What are NLP and Hypnotherapy?

Our mind and body as a system is made up of patterns of thinking and therefore being – what we think effects how we feel and how we feel effects how we behave. I use a widely sourced, tried and tested, toolkit of transformational change techniques to help shift those beliefs, habits and behaviours (that you will realise weren’t even yours to begin with) and upgrade them to suit who you are now and how you want to be.
Modern Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a methodology that is centered around change; by changing our thoughts we change our mindset which in turn changes our behavioural patterns. Essentially NLP can help us to consciously repattern or upgrade our thinking, and therefore the way we are being, so that we are able to recognise a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. NLP supports us in striving towards our best life; a life where you feel in control, rather than stress, anxiety and depression controlling you. These programmes create shifts in beliefs, values, emotions and habits so you can power up and show up as your best you more freely, healthily and boldly.
Modern Hypnosis also supports our mental software by allowing us to delve deeper into the stories and beliefs that we tell ourselves. Once we challenge these narratives that are causing your stress, we can adapt them in ways that will open up opportunities for success in all areas of your life – personal and professional. Often we are using up so much ‘mental data’ stressing about the things that we perceive we cannot do, or that we think we will fail at that we lose sight of our incredible present potential. Hypnosis, and the self hypnosis I will teach you, connects you to your own powerful supply of inner wisdom, clarity and self confidence. The more we practice this the easier it becomes to change your state and finds the resources you need in so many life situations like just before delivering a presentation, when you are about to compete, before an exam, making a choice whether to reach for that vice or when you want to diffuse a family feud and so much more.
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Be the star of your Blockbuster Movie

This is your life

It’s a strange habit that we can get into, lamenting over a time when we felt great, looked great, were spontaneous and fun and then we sit back and hope that it will happen to us again.

You could be waiting a long time… your whole life even…if you just wait for things to happen to you.

It’s possible to take control and make that change happen by becoming the Director of your life.


Simply by creating a movie in your mind. A Blockbuster and you have the starring role. Build the picture of who you want to be and a storyboard of how you want to be and step into it.

Change can feel uncomfortable at first, but when managed well it becomes exciting and all so possible. It starts with a new perspective, an emotional shift, letting go of the past and stepping into your future – with confidence and a new outlook on your world.

At first tools and techniques will help you make the change consciously, until the new way just happens unconsciously, as quickly and as naturally as blinking and breathing.

Working with one client 3 years ago now, we utilised this technique, walking along his timeline into his future as a non smoker. The impact was so powerful to him that he stopped his 40 year habit and never smoked a cigarette again.

The you YOU want to be is already inside and is waiting for you to step inside and live your best life.

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Helping people to let go of anxiety, stress and unhelpful habits.

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