Be the star of your Blockbuster Movie

This is your life

It’s a strange habit that we can get into, lamenting over a time when we felt great, looked great, were spontaneous and fun and then we sit back and hope that it will happen to us again.

You could be waiting a long time… your whole life even…if you just wait for things to happen to you.

It’s possible to take control and make that change happen by becoming the Director of your life.


Simply by creating a movie in your mind. A Blockbuster and you have the starring role. Build the picture of who you want to be and a storyboard of how you want to be and step into it.

Change can feel uncomfortable at first, but when managed well it becomes exciting and all so possible. It starts with a new perspective, an emotional shift, letting go of the past and stepping into your future – with confidence and a new outlook on your world.

At first tools and techniques will help you make the change consciously, until the new way just happens unconsciously, as quickly and as naturally as blinking and breathing.

Working with one client 3 years ago now, we utilised this technique, walking along his timeline into his future as a non smoker. The impact was so powerful to him that he stopped his 40 year habit and never smoked a cigarette again.

The you YOU want to be is already inside and is waiting for you to step inside and live your best life.

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Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. GHR Acknowledged Supervisor and Peer to Peer Group Mentor.

Helping people to let go of anxiety, stress and unhelpful habits.

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Do you hypnotise swans?

It was a Schindler’s list type moment the day ‘Hypnotherapy 4 Swans’ was born.
I was sitting in Glasgow airport, having attended another training weekend, when I was contemplating who my ‘ideal client’ was. Crowds of people were rushing past me, going about their busy lives and that’s when it struck me…

Swans! Graceful on the surface while paddling furiously below the surface.
I had often been described as swan like myself, in my old marketing and event management days, and I know this way of being well – juggling the pressures of a professional life, while also trying to manage home life. It occurred to me then how many people are being ‘swans’ in our fast – paced world.

So, I don’t hypnotise swans – but I do de-hypnotise people using a large toolkit of positive psychology and mind coaching including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis.

I have been training, alongside my husband, for 4 years. We seek out the best in the industry to improve our skill, we read daily, watch videos and listen to podcasts. Mindfitness is a passion and watching the transformation in people is magical.

Now a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, I have worked with over 400 clients, I have developed a Transformational Change programme that is highly effective with clients by re-patterning their mindset and enjoying the benefits of that in an average of 3 sessions; I have written and delivered a natural weight loss programme with clients losing up to 105Ibs and transforming their relationship with food and also a Sleep programme for children where clients have reported their child who refused to sleep was now asking to be taken to bed within days.

My coaching is a partnership between me and my client. Each programme is as unique as they are and their circumstances at the time. Each session is about letting go and building on new and existing resources to create new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that will help them lead a happier, healthier and more successful professional and personal life.

Since starting my full time practice in 2017 I have been shortlisted in two awards: Healthcare Provider of the Year, Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Best Sole Trader/Micro Business, 373 Awards.

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Hypnotherapy 4 Swans
Jessica Crowley BA Hons 
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CNHC & GHR Registered Practitioner
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Finalist for the Healthcare Provider of the Year, Exmouth Chamber 2017 and 373 Best Sole Trader/Micro Business Award 2018