Let go of limiting beliefs – the Elephant Story

You have probably seen or heard stories about the techniques elephant trainers use to control these huge animals in captivity. I wonder how this relates to the human experience?

When an elephant is a baby and relatively weak, it is confined to an area by tying it with a rope to a tree or a stake in the ground. At first the small animal tries to get away but soon realises it is futile and stops trying.

The creature grows into an adult around 7.5 meter tall and a 6 tonne weight. However, having been conditioned from an early age to accept the way things are it doesn’t even consider as a adult, that it has the ability and the opportunity to break free.

elephant stake

You are only limited by the beliefs in your mind

As humans, we are conditions by the beliefs that we form from an early age. We become conditioned by our environment, through those beliefs that are passed on by our parents, teachers, religious leaders and other (often well meaning) influences. Sometimes these beliefs are helpful, sometimes they are not.

When we get a sense that something is holding us back, we often don’t know where to start in order to break free, to take that one significant step and break that rope.

Transformative coaching will help you by starting with where you are now and where you want to be and helping you to create shifts that will set you free – allowing you to be how and who YOU want to be.

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