Rewire your mind

“I’ve been telling everyone that I’ve had an operating system upgrade. Everyone needs a rewire every now and again.” -Hannah Ackford, April 2018

Few people realise that it’s the way we think that creates our experience. What’s happening out there is just happening, like when there’s a deadline at the office or the children are ‘playing up’ at bedtime. It’s our thoughts that create that feeling we call ‘stress’ and when we feel that stress it floods our body with cortisol and other nasty chemicals… and then we might seek alternative ways, outside of our self, to feel better, like that bottle of Prosecco, a weekend Spa or a fancy holiday but the truth is, these are only temporary solutions.


For the past 5 years I have reshaped my world, training with the best in change work including Dr. Richard Bandler, Co-founder of NLP. As a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, my mission is to have creative, inspiring conversations with people that shift their thoughts and their emotions.

I have spent 1000s hours with 100s clients who wanted to change a wide range of issues like anxiety, insomnia, exam nerves, low confidence, low self estmeem, sleep paralysis, fears and phobias and more.

I will help you, as I have helped them, to uncover your own limiting beliefs and your own potential as you open your mind to new possibilities and the ability to consciously create the life you desire.

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The cage door is open

The caged bird is a metaphor often used in literature representing those who have lost their freedom…the kind of freedom I want to talk about is freedom found within regardless of adversity, circumstance or environment.

Often a perceived freedom, freedom from a relationship, from a job, from conforming to conventional ways of living and the lure of greener pastures, the promise of change to our circumstances may appear to be the solution to that situation.

But what if the solution is a lot closer to home, within you and you just don’t know it yet?

On the eve of another New Year, I am reminded of Thomas Hardy’s poem The Darkling Thrush, who on 31st December 1899 amid the grey sky and bleak landscape, unphased by the inclement  weather that had ruffled his feathers, the aged bird chose to fling his soul//Upon the growing gloom and when he used his innate talent, his song, to project his happy out on to the world, that joy was felt by all.

So little cause for carolings 
      Of such ecstatic sound 
Was written on terrestrial things 
      Afar or nigh around, 
That I could think there trembled through 
      His happy good-night air 
Some blessed Hope, whereof he knew 
      And I was unaware. 

We are often mistaken for believing that our environment, people, places and things are what create our experience, but it is actually the way you think about those things that creates your experience and perspective of the world. The thrush was not phased by his gloomy environment but chose instead to look within and project his beautiful song out to the world and in doing so experienced joy and offered a new sense of hope.

I have had the privilege of witnessing amazing transformations in clients this year, who through their courage to embrace their best self have been able to let go of those things that have caused them pain – and have found freedom in doing that. Now, they are living a healthier and happier reality – one of their own creation.

When we experience even the smallest shifts we form new understandings and new perspectives and that’s when we realise that the door of that cage is open – and the freedom that we discover within is the love, joy and peace that we project on to the world.

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