I was feeling very happy with my life, felt like I had lots going on but I was coping with it well. Through talking with Jess I realised how I was adding extra stress to the things I wanted to achieve. I was also close to my driving test so I decided this was an important focus for the sessions as it would help me to achieve the rest of my goals. We used hypnotherapy in two sessions and I PASSED!!! The sessions also helped me to really focus on my dream job and guess what!!! I have that too. I have learned so much and would recommend Jess to anyone!  

Rosie, October 2017

  My son suffers from anxiety and low self esteem and bedtimes were a big issue. We have been using Jess’ script now for about 2 weeks, every night. My son has been settling at bedtimes much quicker and every night he asks for us to read it to him. It’s definitely helped my son and we have noticed a big difference.  Lee, December 2017 As a kinetic shift practitioner myself I knew it was an excellent modality for clearing traumatic experiences and for people suffering from PTSD. I sought Jess’ help and her warm and kind approach helped me to clear the unwanted emotions. Since seeing her I am in a much happier and accepting place. This has helped me move forward in my life. Gemma, March 2018 “I highly recommend a session with Jess, she is caring and compassionate and puts you totally at ease from the start. After a couple of sessions my partner saw immediately a change in me and my self confidence, and I feel much more able to stay in control of how I feel and manage daily stresses and decision making etc. Thanks so much Jess for your time, skills and belief in what we are capable of.

Jane, June 2017

A friend highly recommended Jess to me and I can honestly say it was one of the best recommendations I have had. When I walked into my appointment I was at a very low point in my life, I said to Jess you are my last hope! I had 5 sessions and I haven’t looked back!! I was very sceptical about hypnotism but I cannot emphasis how much it has changed my life!! I was on a high dose of anti depressants and I have not been on them since January, I feel alive again. I then signed up for the gastric band weight loss group and have lost a stone in weight. If you want to change your life go see Jess she is amazing.

Claire, June 2017

Jess made me feel so comfortable and having never been hypnotised before I managed to relax and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience…. the transformation was almost instant. I went in wanting to make positive changes and since then I have made so many. Now, I generally look for the positives in any situation and there’s no looking back. I only had 2 sessions and if you take a look at my life now that’s truly amazing! Jess has helped so many people and that is truly a gift.
Lisa, March 2017

I went to see Jess as I was having some issues with confidence which was developing into unhealthy anxiety.  The smallest of things were worrying me!  I couldn’t seem to switch off, my inner voice was constantly speaking to me- it was literally becoming unbearable.   In two short sessions Jess has turned my life around. I am happier, more confident and less anxious.  I was a nervous wreck before my first session, not really knowing what to expect or whether this was a route that could work for me, however Jess was quietly reassuring and put me immediately at ease. I felt the benefits within days and felt completely re-energised.  I had the most amazing dreams, I’m sure this was my sub conscious letting go of any negativity.  It’s been around 4 weeks since I last saw Jess and so far so good   I’ve been recommending Jess’s services to anyone I feel would benefit.  A session with Jess is time and money well invested.  

Sarah, November 2016

Entrepreneur’s story After starting my first business in January 2016, I quickly got used to big changes, long hours, working alone and having to make difficult decisions. By the time April came I wasn’t feeling myself, I don’t think as a sole business owner you ever realise all of the challenges you are going to face however small or big, perhaps the most difficult thing is not having someone to turn too to help with those all important decisions. For me the biggest problem and something I have always been aware of is my obsession with perfection, what that often meant in a business capacity is that my want to do a good job, often meant spending an excessive amount of time on things and feeling like I constantly have to improve on things each time. Now this may sound like a good thing, but it really isn’t as a new business professional with huge time demands. “I have always had a good work ethic, but what I started to realise is that this behaviour was having a negative impact on all aspects of my life. Not only was I not getting all of the things done I needed to, but I also wasn’t spending time with my family and friends, wasn’t getting my exercise in and wasn’t eating properly. I wanted to do something about it, I took certain steps myself, but also wanted to try NLP because I knew that this is a behaviour that has effected me not only now, but also when I was at university and in other aspects of my life. So I went for two sessions with Jess, the first was all about understanding the behaviour and the reasons for acting this way, The second part of the session and the second session were all about reprogramming the thinking using hypnotherapy so you actually start to think in different ways. I have always been sceptical about hypnotherapy, but will give anything a try once and knew I needed to make changes so that I could really enjoy running the business. All I can say is that since the sessions with Jess back in April I have been like a different person, much happier, much healthier and most importantly have created a much better and healthier approach to my work. My clients are happy and I absolutely love running my business. I can’t recommend Jess highly enough.

Hannah, 2016


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