The Power of 3

A 180-minute course (3 sessions) to reboot, repattern and reshape your life

You’ve tried everything to de-stress and feel happy, or at least considered everything. Medication. Complementary therapy. The latest fitness fad. Holidays. Weekend breaks. Spas. New wardrobe. Detox. Diet. Makeover. More alcohol. More drugs. More food – more. What if the answer is in doing less, so you can be more?

Change your thinking and you will change your life?

The Power of 3 course is like going to the mind gym. Through the art of clean language conversation and techniques using movement and hypnosis, we shift emotions and thinking in order to reshape the landscape of your mind. We bring to your conscious awareness patterns of being and thinking that have are holding you back, such as fear or lack of self belief. Once to see them they cannot be ignored and you will feel empowered by the choice to think in a new way or take a different course of action that is more rewarding and effective. We also remind your mind and body, as a system, how to let go and relax, so it can allow the free flow of emotions and clarity of thought that will enable, rather than hinder, you to power UP for success.

Shifting perspectives and emotions will fundamentally change the way you are currently experience difficulties in your professional and personal life.

How does this course work? 

  • You begin by you telling me what you want to change
  • Reflecting on your values, we explore what’s important to you. Whether your beliefs and habits are serving you. If your needs are being met. What’s holding you back from living your best life
  • We explore the relationship between your conscious and unconscious mind – patterns of thinking and habits that are unhealthy and/or unhelpful. We bring to the forefront of your mind the reasons for these habits and behaviours and repattern your thinking empowered with healthier options
  • Having done this, and noticing the difference that makes, you embody your best self as you step confidently into and towards your future
  • Uncovering limiting beliefs, negative emotions and patterns in behaviour leads to illuminating perspectives and paradigm shifts
  • We will use a combination of techniques including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Kinetic Shift, Timeline therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, CBT and mindfulness.

You are probably… 

  • Feeling like something needs to change but unsure if coaching is for you
  • Going through major life changes, like divorce or redundancy or menopause or leaving University
  • Having conflicts in your relationships with colleagues, partners or their children
  • Have unhealthy habits as a reaction to stress, such as emotional eating, smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling
  • Feeling that you are not achieving your potential
  • Stressed out/ burnt out
  • Anxious or depressed
  • Or have generally lost your mojo?

What can I expect from this session… 

  • Relief
  • A program to maximise your 24/7
  • Perspective – having taken an aerial view of your life and reassessed your needs
  • Confidence, supported by techniques for state management
  • A well-formed direction for your future self
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced physiological symptoms (ie. skin conditions, palpitations)
  • Improved relationships
  • Clarity of thought
  • Healthier choices with your diet, exercise and vices

The overall result is being ‘back in the room’ (couldn’t resist). Present in your own life. You will feel awakened, aware and empowered with techniques and new understandings of your self. Setting a course for consciously designing and being present in your own life.   

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